Peter und der Wolf

I had the great opportunity to make twenty colorful illustrations for the Wuppertal Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Peter and the wolf”. It was a lot of fun.

The book is a little difficult to buy, though. You can’t get it in a regular book store but you can order it directly at the Philharmonic Orchestra. On their website it says “You can buy the CD and the book at the KulturKarte (Kirchplatz 1), in the foyer of the Stadthalle at all concerts of the symphony orchestra, at the Musikhaus Landsiedel-Becker, at the bookshop Klaus v. Mackensen at Laurentiusplatz, the bookshop Jürgensen in Vohwinkel, the Ronsdorfer Bücherstube and at the Glücksbuchladen. Book: 9,90 €, CD + Book: 14,90 €”.

"Instruments" – illustration from "Peter and the wolf"