Hi, I am Christiane Fürtges,
illustrator of miraculous things.

"reading fox" – illustration of a fox, reading in an armchair
"goat" – illustration
"Deer Christmas" – Illustration
"The year of the monkey" – illustration
"Wren" – Illustration from "Sing, Sang, Zwitscherklang"
"finally there" – Illustration from "The imp the cake and the invitation"
"Mature dog No. 3" – Illustration of an old dog's diet
"Mature dog No. 2" – Illustration of an old dog with hearing aid
"Mature dog No. 1" – Illustration of an old dog sleeping in an armchair
"Fairy Summer" – illustration
"Fairy Winter" – illustration
"Fairy Christmas" – illustration

That’s it for now.

But take a look at my books
or just email me.